Wild Workout® is a full body workout system consisting of 45 incredible exercises covering every major muscle group from your head to your toes, broken into sections; The Chest, Abdominals, Spine, Neck, Back, Legs, Arms, Shoulders and Speed, Energy and Endurance. Each section contains the most incredible, muscle building, sculpting, toning, and shaping exercises for that muscle group of your body. There is no need to filter through 100s of exercises trying to find the ones that work well and the ones that do not work well, because Wild Workout® contains only the exercises which work extremely well, keeping it simple, yet incredibly effective concentrating on 5 dynamic, muscle sculpting, fat burning, definition producing exercises for each muscle group and section found within Wild Workout® PowerFlex® & Wild Workout® BeautyFlex®, giving you the most out of your workouts! Wild Workout® is also broken down into three levels. Level one is for the beginner and level three is for the advanced. Nobody has to feel left out, left behind, or discouraged if they cannot do what somebody else can, because each person can start at their own level and work their way up!

The types of exercises contained in Wild Workout® are safe, natural exercises that require ONLY YOUR OWN BODY! There are no weights, no machines, no pulleys, no bars, no bands, or no special equipment! They are bodyweight and self-resistance exercises taking your body's own energy and ability to bend, push, twist, pull, resist and sculpt the body you desire. Do not confuse PowerFlex® & BeautyFlex ® with isometric exercises (standing and holding a pose) because all of the exercises in PowerFlex® & BeautyFlex ® are filled with movement. From the exercises requiring only your own body weight (an example of a common bodyweight exercise is a pushup. In Wild Workout® we have an exercise that takes standard pushup and arranges it and tweaks it, making it more effective and awesome, and that is ONLY ONE of 45 exercises contained in Wild Workout® PowerFlex® & Wild Workout® BeautyFlex®). Other exercises found in Wild Workout® use your own body to provide your resistance in place of where a person would typically use a dumbbell, band, weight or machine to build a muscle group. The great thing about doing exercises while having your own body provide your resistance instead of a weight, band, bar, or machine, is all your energy is moving through your own body, staying within your body and instead of using all your might on a bar, band or weight, when you do the exercises of Wild Workout® not only are you working the targeted muscles but you are indirectly working the other muscles in your body which are providing your resistance. You also are able to do these exercises anywhere without the need of any weights or equipment.

The inspiring motivation and uniqueness behind Wild Workout® comes from the ANIMALS! The most awesome, inspiring, strong, graceful, fast, agile creatures in the world are found in the animal kingdom! Yet, the animals don't use weights, they do not use machines, no drugs, no artificial enhancements, they only use their own body's energy and abilities and are always bending, moving, stretching, twisting, pulling, pushing, running, jumping, and Wild Workout® takes the movements of the animals and puts them into our own exercises to build, sculpt, shape and tone our bodies! Every exercise is named after an animal and based on an animal that has great power and strength in the area being worked (Example: Gorilla Flex I, Dolphin Flex II, Cougar Flex I).

The exercises found within Wild Workout® work EXTREMELY well! Wild Workout® PowerFlex® & Wild Workout® BeautyFlex® starts you off with an eight week routine to take you throug h an d teach you every exercise in the course. It is a very easy to follow yet effective routine, letting you learn and perfect the exercises found within Wild Workout® to let you be on your way to your ideal physique and becoming your own best personal trainer. Wild Workout® PowerFlex® and Wild Workout® BeautyFlex® teach you how to structure your own routines  with the exercises found within this workout manual. Whether you want  to focus on your abs, your back, your chest, or you just want a simple, weekly, full body workout routine. The routines with Wild Workout® PowerFlex® & Wild Workout® BeautyFlex® are nearly endless. If you need a simpler way of understanding it, Wild Workout® is like the alphabet. In the alphabet there are 26 letters, but those letters can be arranged to create 1000s of words! And those words make sentences, and paragraphs, and letters, and books. Some words are big words, some are small words, some are meaningful words, some are simple words, all depending on the person and how they like using their words. They can use whatever word combinations they want, to fulfill the exact meaning of what they want to state using the 26 letters. The same is with Wild Workout® and its 45 exercises! They can be combined to get exactly what you are looking for out of a workout; whether you want a big, hard, effective routine to build sculpt and shape your muscles, a routine to blast off the fat while toning and firming both your upper body and lower body, or just a small and simple routine just to maintain your health and strength. Whether you have targeting problem areas or certain fitness goals, Wild Workout® teaches you how to apply them to your workout to get exactly what you want!

In this brand new workout course we really elaborate on this topic, fully explaining this concept, and also go more into detail on how to develop your own routines to best suit you. We also have routines you can pick and choose to follow along, or use them as a basis on which to help develop your own routines. Located in this section is the knowledge and thinking behind what you need to develop a personal routine, but also has pre-set routines to follow step by step; many daily routines, Alternate Day Weekly Routines, Full Body Cardio Routines (BeautyFlex®),  A 3-Day Power Weekly Routine (PowerFlex®), A Four Week Abs and Cardio Blaster Wild Workout® Routine, A Four Week-Get Fit- Don't Hold Back Routine, An Eight Week-Get Buff, Get Ripped Wild Workout® Powerflex® Routine (For advanced only), An 8-Week GET SUPER FIT WILDWORKOUT® BeautyFlex® ROUTINE and A Group Workout Routine just to name some of the routines!

In Wild Workout® it's ALL ABOUT YOU! It's about what YOU want! If you want to get big, strong, fit and muscular you can do that with Wild Workout® PowerFlex®! If you want to be lean, fit and tone, or if you want to lose weight and take your body back, or if you just want a light workout to keep your health and strength you can do that! If you are not looking for the full body workout and just want to build your abs, or chest, or arms etc. you can do that! Each person is unique and individual, a ONE OF A KIND, and we realize that with Wild Workout® and give you the exact tools you need to help YOU become your own best personal trainer, because YOU KNOW YOURSELF THE BEST! We teach you the exercises that you can do ANYWHERE! At home, on the beach, in the hotel, in your basement, your bedroom, your garage, your school, your gym, anywhere you go YOU ARE NOT LIMITED because WILD WORKOUT® can be done anywhere, anytime, however hard, light, or extreme you want to perform it, all depending on what you are looking for!

The Wild Workout® is an action packed, fully illustrated, fully demonstrated, power packed, travel friendly, TOTAL BODY WORKOUT SYSTEM, full of fitness that will last you a lifetime!

It begins with the most important, advanced knowledge to acquire and maintain good health, in any situation, the advanced knowledge of The 4 SECRETS OF HEALTH, and no, it’s not all about your diet, diet doesn’t even make it into the top two spots. These secrets alone have helped others overcome problem areas other programs left them stuck with. These secrets alone are worth much more than the price of the course but we include them all at no extra cost. They are almost assuredly missing from your current fitness regiment, but they are what make the absolute difference in maintaining life-long health and fitness.

The Wild Workout® continues with CRUCIAL STEPS THAT ARE AN ABSOLUTE MUST for anyone looking to get fit and stay fit, for ANY reason! It’s the MOTIVATION SECTION! No, it’s not just endless pages of old quotes that are supposed to magically get you out of your slump by boring you to death while reading them. The motivation is HANDS ON follow along STEPS and PROCEDURES that will SHAKE THE SLUMP OUT OF YOU any time, any day, any week were you get complacent and don’t feel like working out!! Steps and procedures that have been used by champion athletes in football, tennis, martial arts, body building and sports all around to keep them excelling and on the cutting edge of strength and energy! We include these HANDS ON, MOTIVATION PROCEDURES with the Wild Workout® at NO EXTRA COST to you! What good is the greatest exercise course known to man if a person lacks the motivation and will power to do it!? My friend, people pay vast amounts of money, hundreds, even thousands of dollars to try to get motivated, hyped up and find will power. We give you these proven to work hands on motivational procedures FREE with The Wild Workout® course.

Next, the Wild Workout® goes into the most inspiring, powerful, dynamic exercises that cover every cubic inch of your body, SCULPTING, SHAPING, TONING, BUILDING, and STRENGTHENING your muscles for any reason you desire.  RIPPED & SHREDDED or SHAPED & FIRM; BIG, BULGING & MASSIVE like a bull elk, or SLIM, SLEEK & TONE like a panther.

Wild Workout® consists of 45 muscle building, fat burning, body shaping exercises like no other. Complete with the eye opening power arrows provided with each exercise to maximize your efforts and movements, giving you the best results for every single exercise. These are found only in Wild Workout®.  All 45 exercises are based on the principle of the animals that have massive strength in the area being worked. For example, with the Wild Workout®  Chest Workout we use the panther, eagle, bear, gorilla, and the elk – which all have massive strength in that area. We use their movements within the exercise providing results that will absolutely BLOW YOU AWAY!  There is no need for weights, dumbbells, pulleys, bars, bands, machines, gadgets, equipment or pills – ALL YOU NEED IS YOUR OWN BODY TO GET A LIFE CHANGING WORKOUT, ANYWHERE, AT ANYTIME! Wild Workout® covers every muscle group of the body; The Chest, Abdominals, Spine, Neck, Back, Legs, Shoulders, Arms, plus Speed, Energy & Endurance Training! Wild Workout® is a total body workout that will have the jaws of others dropping in disbelief and envy.  See and feel results in only 7 DAYS!

Just when you think it couldn’t possibly get ANY BETTER – we come to the section that many have said is the absolute best part of the entire course! The part that TURNS YOU into your own BEST PERSONAL TRAINER! This part of the course is worth thousands and thousands of dollars all by itself!

If we were to come and charge you personally, give you our 1 on 1 conditioning consultation making and providing you specifically customized routines, tailor fit for your desires, and train you to become your own best personal trainer, it could cost upwards of $10,000, but we include customized, tailor fit workouts as an added bonus to those looking to maximize, amplify, enhance, expand, boost and escalate their athletic ability and all around fitness – at any age and any condition.

Don’t get stuck in a one-routine-fits-all program but pick and choose a customized routine just for you! First we teach you three specific approaches to your workouts to get EXACTLY what you are looking for out of your workouts, then you can pick a customized routine to achieve exactly what you want! Want to go extreme and maximize your results? We have “The 8 Week Get Buff, Get Ripped Wild Workout® Routine utilizing all three approaches maximizing your results. Not a beginner, but not quite ready to go extreme yet? Try our “4-Week Get Fit, Don’t Hold Back Wild Workout® Routine. Maybe you are all about Abs and Cardio? We have that too!! Or choose from one of our many daily routines, or Weekly Alternate Day Routine, it’s all in the course – NO EXTRA CHARGE. Maybe you prefer a 3-Day Weekly Power Routine or a 4 Week Abs and Cardio blaster routine; it’s all in The Wild Workout® course.


The list goes on and on, almost endless possibilities, for any desire, any situation, thousands of dollars worth of customized, pre-planned, totally laid out follow along routines – ones that will put a smile on your face, fitness in your body, a bounce in your step while you SAVE MONEY with 100% satisfaction from your workout! Daily routines, weekly routines, even group routines if you want to work out with your friends. Use one of our three approaches to attack your workouts or put them all together.  For you my friend it will be a cinch – because by going through The Wild Workout Powerflex® for the guys of all ages or The Wild Workout BeautyFlex® for the girls of all ages – we make you your OWN BEST PERSONAL TRAINER – teaching you to fully understand how to bring health and fitness to the human body, and how to KEEP IT!

We will even send you a certificate of accomplishment, suitable for framing, that you can proudly display on your wall after successfully completing your first 8-weeks of Wild Workout®.

All this for less than the price of 1 pair of running shoes! Less than the price of 1 set of dumbbells! All this for much less than 1 gym membership!
Wild Workout®, covering every area of health you will ever need! My friend, come and join us and GET WILD about WORKING OUT!!